Training and Documentation Solutions for Supervisors

Online Supervisor Training
Web-Based Assessment Documentation App

How It Works

Two-hour online supervisor training course focused on Workplace Impairment Recognition & Evaluation with a goal of preparing supervisors to be familiar with the signs, symptoms and indicators of impairment and how to appropriately handle those situation in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of the WIRE Certified Training Course, students will gain access to the WIRED Algorithm, which is a free web-based documentation app for impairment assessments.

This training is designed the meet the state-specific criteria for teaching supervisors how to establish a reasonable basis / articulable suspicion for employment decisions during a potential impairment situation. The documentation app makes performing that assessment simple and easy.

Hotlines and Compliance Solutions for Organizations

Online Employee Awareness Training & Document Delivery
Compliance Tracking & Management Reporting

How It Works

All employees receive an invitation email to the training with their company's employee handbook attached.

Employees confirm they have received the employee handbook and understand their company's policies around workplace impairment.

The 20-minute employee training is focused on awareness of the basics, dangers, and implications of workplace impairment.

The ThriveLine hotline is available to all employees to anonymously report situations and instances of workplace impairment. Notifications are automatically sent in real time to the organization's designated person (manager, supervisor, etc.)

Company management receives periodic employee compliance notifications.