About Us

Core Values

Understand, respect, and support our customers in upholding the law as the landscape is evolving.
Develop a safe and fair environment for employees where their rights are respected as the business community grows.
Enable businesses to operate safely for all stakeholders - their employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.

Company Information

Advanced Training Products, Inc. was formed in 2023 to provide innovative training, compliance, and documentation solutions for organizations. We didn't see anyone actually trying to help solve this emerging and high-risk issue for employers, so we took the initiative to develop proactive, innovative, and frictionless solutions for employers to handle it appropriately.

After developing the first comprehensive and nationally vetted impairment recognition and documentation tool for employers, Advanced Training Products continued innovating with anonymous hotlines and dashboard reporting for organizations to take proactive approach towards managing workplace impairment risk.

The drug recognition training content is applicable to states nationwide as it is built from and referenced to the federal and state sources such as the NHTSA Drug Recognition Expert curriculum, the DEA, DOJ, and DHHS, combined with reputable medical resources like the NIH, Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic. All of our content has been reviewed and edited by the Advanced Training Products Medical Advisory Council, which is comprised by physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists, and pharmacists.

The company's goal is to make these tools affordable, accessible, and easy to use. Consistent and objective tools for training, compliance and documentation protect employees and employers in these complicated matters.