Referral Partner Program

Looking to provide your customers additional services without investing in people or technology up front?

This is the perfect solution designed to make you a lot of money without much effort.

As cannabis becomes legal across the country, how to handle workplace impairment is quickly becoming employers' biggest concern because accidents and employment litigation are both very expensive and could put them out of business. There couldn't be a more-high profile problem to solve for your clients today.

We are impairment risk mitigation experts and we have developed online training, compliance, and documentation solutions for businesses to be proactive about workplace impairment risk.

Our Referral Partner program shares a rich (+20%) of the total revenue earned from that customer with our Referral Partners in perpetuity1 while Advanced Training Products handles all service, delivery, and support.

The ATP Referral Partner Advantage

We are the only provider of a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions - training, hotlines, & documentation - specifically designed to address Workplace Impairment risks for employers.

We are also the only provider that offers a perpetual revenue1 share arrangement with our Referral Partners.

Take your business to the next level

We provider a Partner Marketing Toolkit which includes battlecards and the "Campaign-in-a-Box" materials to make your outreach easy.

(1) as long as that referred business is still a customer of Advanced Training Products.